Our Team

Will Liao

Lead Bioinformatics Scientist

Will Liao earned his PhD in Applied Mathematics and Statistics with a concentration in Computational Biology from Stony Brook University where he was co-advised by Haipeng Xing. His research was conducted at The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory under the co-advisement of Michael Q. Zhang. His dissertation work involved the development of a Novel Bayesian segmentation algorithm for assessing regions enriched for post-translational histone modifications in chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-seq) data.

Here at the New York Genome Center, Will primarily focuses on developing analysis methodologies for epigenomics assays, such as ChIP-seq and bisulfite sequencing. He is particularly interested in how this data can help elucidate the role of the epigenome in regulating cell and tissue-specific functions and how its dysregulation can lead to disease.

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