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Uday Evani

Senior Data Scientist

Uday Evani obtained his MS in Bioinformatics from Indiana University, Indianapolis in 2010. While working on his masters, he was a research assistant in Dr. Sean Mooney’s lab and worked on building a high-throughput processing pipeline to annotate non-synonymous mutations in proteins with structural and functional features. He also developed machine learning models for predicting biochemical disruptions caused by mutations in proteins. Upon completion of his master’s program, he worked for a while as Bioinformatics Programmer at the Buck Institute for Age Research before joining the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine. At Baylor College of Medicine, he worked on the 1000 Genomes project in the exome subgroup under the supervision of Dr. Fuli Yu. Uday joined NYGC as Software Engineer in February 2013 to work on software to automate and scale processing of sequence data. He worked in the LIMS team for a year implementing HiSeq- X and 2500 lab pooling protocols in LIMS. He moved into the Bioinformatics team in early 2017. Apart from supporting the informatics needs of production germline projects, his current work focuses on benchmarking the efficacy of germline variant discovery pipeline and its optimal implementation in NYGC’s standard WES/WGS analysis pipelines.

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