Cancer Biology, Genomics and Bioinformatics (NYGC-CBGB)

Agenda for the CBGB meeting

Bi-weekly, Thursday 2pm

NYGC “Training room (628)” 6th floor


Archive 2018

Date Group Speaker Title
 01/11/2018 CompBio Quaid Morris (U. Toronto)
01/25/2018 Imielinski  Xiaotong Yao  Exploring cancer graph genomes with gGnome
02/08/2018  CANCELLED
 02/22/2018 Landau  Asaf Zviran Updates on Liquid Biopsy
 03/08/2018 CompBio  Alice Fang  Association between HLA subtypes and occurrence of EGFR mutation-driven lung cancer in different populations
 03/22/2018 Imielinski  Kofi Gyan and Aditya Desphande  Single cell atlas of lung adenocarcinoma
 04/05/2018 Landau  Kyu-Tae Kim  Single-cell genotyping with transcriptome profiling
 04/19/2018  Landau  postdoc candidate seminar (1PM) Spatio-temporal genomic architecture informs Glioblastoma’s cellular history
 05/03/2018 Compbio Molly Johnson

Rashesh Sanghvi

Jennifer Shelton

 Journal Club:

Pathogenic Germline Variants in 10,389 Adult Cancers

 05/17/2018 Imielinski  Evan Biederstedt  Walking tour of m-ski lab github
 05/31/2018 Landau Sunil Deochand Journal Club:

The Repertoire of Mutational Signatures in Human Cancer

 06/14/2018 Compbio Molly Johnson

Giuseppe Narzisi

Nicolas Robine

Highlights of 2 recent publications from the group

Organoid profiling identifies common responders to chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer

YES1 amplification is a mechanism of acquired resistance to EGFR inhibitors identified by transposon mutagenesis and clinical genomics

 06/28/2018 Imielinski Marcin Imielinski fishHook demo
09/20/2018 Compbio Molly Johnson

Kanika Arora

Minita Shah

Rashesh Sanghvi

Three Cell Lines, Two Sequencers, One Pipeline
10/04/2018 Landau Steven Hill Quality control for ultra-sensitive ctDNA detection in cell-free DNA
10/18/2018 Ben Raphael Lab Simone Zaccaria HATCHet
11/01/2018 CANCELLED
11/15/2018 Imielinski Xiaotong Yao Identifying complex rearrangement events in the cancer genomes with JaBbA/gGnome packages
12/13/2018 CANCELLED



Archive 2017

Date Group Speaker Title
2/23/17 CompBio Minita Shah and Jennifer Shelton – Minita Shah (Characterization of copy-number artifacts in FFPE (and non-FFPE) samples)

– Jennifer Shelton (Estimating telomere length in cancer samples with Telomeasure.)

3/9/17 Imielinski

Kevin Hadi & 

Peter Waltman

 WGS of two rare cancer cases
3/23/17 Landau Asaf Zviran

Confronting tumor evolution with liquid biopsy analysis

4/6/17 CompBio  Nicolas Robine

Kaz Wrzeszczynski

 A few words on TESLA

#AACR17 recap

4/20/17 Imielinski  Evan Biederstedt
5/4/17 Landau  Federico Gaiti  Defining epigenetic diversification and evolution in chronic lymphocytic leukemia using single cell DNA methylomics
5/18/17 ???  CANCELLED
6/1/17 CompBio  Rashesh Sanghvi, Sunil Deochand and Steven Hill  Somatic signature benchmark and Ceoptim
6/15/17 Imielinski  Kevin Hadi  Towards a Simulation of Cancer Genomes for Benchmarking Structural Variant Algorithms
8/24/17 Landau  Guest speaker: Davide Risso (Cornell)  Statistical challenges in single-cell RNA-seq: normalization and dimensionality reduction
9/7/17 ???  CANCELLED
9/21/17 CompBio  Nicolas Robine  Virus and cancer
10/5/17 Landau  Guest speaker: Alex Graudenzi (University of Milan-Bicocca)  Learning statistical models of cancer evolution from genomic data
10/19/17 Imielinski  Julie Behr  Methods for read-backed haplotype reconstruction and phasing
11/2/17 Landau  CANCELLED
11/16/17 Landau  Steven Hill
11/30/17 Landau  Bryan Ngo
12/14/17 Imielinski Aditya Deshpande Towards the eradication of wavy, noisy, and/or otherwise non-uniform coverage in cancer exomes and genomes
01/11/18 CompBio Guest Speaker: Quaid Morris (Toronto)





Nicolas Robine, Dayna Oschwald, Dan Landau, Marcin Imielinski